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"Ms. Wood was my son's high school math tutor.  She garnered my respect by being patient but driven to ensure he grasped the content.  She was professional, compassionate, and earned his trust quickly.  I have recommended her to others, who have shared their admiration and appreciation for doing so!"

Linda Thomas, Parent

Charlotte, NC

"Before I started tutoring with Ms. Wood, I struggled with Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus during the course of my junior year of high school. Although, math tended to be my strong suit in school, I truly felt that there was no way that I was going to pass these courses. My mother was introduced to Ms. Wood and immediately made me meet with her. Over the course of the year, my grades on test and homework improved from D's and C's to A's and B's. I also graduated with honors. Not only did Ms. Wood help me with math, she helped me focus on all of the other subjects I was taking as well. Ms. Wood taught me to manage my time between school and athletics. I truly believe that she helped me lay a great foundation that carried on with me to becoming a Division 1 Student- Athlete. Thank you Ms. Wood!"

Ashley Johnson, Former Tutoring Client

North Carolina Central University Senior Biology Major

Durham, NC

"Throughout my high school and college careers, I’ve found that, when taking classes, success is not always completely in your hands. No matter how hard you may work, some teachers/professors aren’t able, or haven’t found a way, to make the subject matter make sense to their students. Sometimes it’s just a matter of their teaching style not matching the subject they’re covering. For example, there’s no way to successfully teach chemistry from reading a powerpoint presentation. My point is, Chelita Wood has perfectly matched her teaching style to the subject matter she presents. I had never, ever been good at math, until I took Ms. Wood’s Algebra II class in high school. It just clicked. I cannot explain how valuable taking her class was to my high school and college careers. I highly recommend her teaching services!"

Hannah Shrader, Former Student

Western Carolina University c/0 2016

Charlotte, NC 

"Ms. Wood truly helped shape my educational career. As a student in the high school where she taught, I was always intrigued in her classroom due to her comforting and supportive teaching style. She continued to supplement my education by tutoring me in math and helping with my SAT preparation. We connected really well, as any student of hers will say, and she was more than willing to do whatever it took to ensure that I not only understood, but was able to produce successful results with the material covered."

Joshua Thomas, Former SAT Prep Client

East Carolina University c/o 2016

UNC Charlotte Graduate Student

Charlotte, NC

"I was in a rough situation in school where I needed professional help in order to succeed. I thought I was going to fail my grade. Chelita Wood helped put me on the path of academic success for high school and beyond. She is an awesome teacher, and an even better person.​"

Schuyler Coleman, Former Tutoring Client

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Charlotte, NC

"Ms. Wood quite literally changed the course of my life. During my time as Ms. Woods’ pupil, we undertook the arduous journey of learning IB mathematics. Ms. Wood’s infectious personality and rapport coupled with her knowledge of the subject matter helped me immensely. East Mecklenburg is often noted for it’s diverse student population and both of my classes with Ms. Wood were heterogeneously grouped. This presents even the most experienced teachers with challenges that require many personal and professional qualities normally attributed to world-class educators. Ms. Wood possesses that in spades. As a medical student, time is a luxury I meticulously fret about but I have time for this. Ms. Wood saw potential in me that I was foolishly blind to. She admonished me and gave me advice that I still use to this day. I highly recommend her services for your child will gain an exceptional teacher and valued mentor."

Ahmed Musa, Former Student

BS, Biochemistry, The Ohio State University, 2015 (Summa Cum Laude)

Stanford University School of Medicine

Palo Alto, CA